Soooo, it takes 21 days to form a habit...are you ready?  This private page is a weight loss challenge and support group for those interested in embarking upon a fitness journey.  It is for your motivation and accountability with coaching from me and the support of other women in the group who are on the same mission as you:  to get fit and healthy.


This challenge INCLUDES:

A 4 week home-based workout plan (5 days a week) with demonstration cards for a one hour workout covering all muscle groups and one meal plan(7 different meals total) that features a full shopping list and what to eat with scheduled times.



Why join?


Completely private and safe place

Daily motivation

Build confidence to skip outside your comfort zone

Meal plan, recipes, workout plan, and so much more



No NEGATIVITY, NO DRAMA, NO RUDENESS (I am a very positive minded person and I designed this group to celebrate and motivate others)

Stay Active(complete daily challenges)

Comment on a post

FINISH the challenge


Remember to ENGAGE with the group.


EXAMPLES:  You can do this by posting your snacks and foods from meal plan and additional healthy things you are doing in your life. Food you're substituting, what you're cooking, what you're drinking, motivation, selfies, selfies, selfies. Post your struggles and what parts you're having difficulty with.

Committing to posting and commenting every day during the challenge will keep you accountable AND put you in the running for the $150 cash prize for whoever is most engaged.


Point System for Drawing

1 point Daily workout check in

1 point Inspiring post to the group

2 points A friendly post about another group challenger

3 points Pic of a healthy meal made by you

3 points Recipe and pic for a healthy meal

5 points Sweaty selfie

5 points Before/Afte pictures

5 points “Like” AllFitPlus group FB page

5 points “Like” tee_allfitplus instagram page

5 points “Subscribe” All Fit Plus YouTube page

10 points Post on your FB wall tagging AllFitPlus


*Prize Awarded to challenger with most points at the end of the 21 Day Challenge

All Fit Plus

Surprise, AZ

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